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American Legion Santa Fe Post 1

Centennial (100 years) 1919-2019 “The First Post in New Mexico”

Ready? Come and join us!

About Us

Montoya – Y- Montoya Post 1

Santa Fe, NM

The Oldest Post in New Mexico

We welcome veterans of all ages and branches to come share our passion and enjoy in comradery with fellow veterans of past and present.

We are involved with many projects within our community and we support numerous projects in our community. We are all proud of our country and our flag for which it stands.


We understand the importance of teamwork and how being part of a team can help you perform better. All of our members benefit from being together.

Only $25/year

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Help us do more for veterans living within our community!

Contributions to Veterans’ Organizations
1. IRC 170(c)(3) provides an income tax deduction for contributions to a post of “war veterans” if it is organized in the United States.

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American Legion Santa Fe Post 1
1601 Berry Avenue Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 982-9622

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